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Gabfire Themes: the ultimate WordPress “makover”

Over the last few years the number of sites on the internet built on WordPress has virtually exploded. As a consequence of it’s elegant architecture, open-source developers have embraced WordPress in unprecedented numbers and new plugins and themes are constantly being released to the public.   All of this has given WordPress, as a platform, remarkable flexibility. Originally designed as a simple blogging platform, WordPress can now be extended with themes and plugins to work for virtually any sort of web presence.   With a WordPress site, now, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the sky really is the limit  (much of is WordPress).   Still, a fresh WordPress installation – sporting it’s simple, spartan, default theme – isn’t a look which is likely to get your heart racing.

So, one of the first things people often do after installing WordPress  is to give their site an immediate “make over” by applying a new  theme.  When choosing a theme, the important considerations are arguably aesthetics and functionality.  It’s fairly simple: people want a theme which they find visually appealing (in terms of the basics – colors, fonts, etc.) and they want a theme that incorporates the features they need right out of the box (eg. pre-configured Adsense blocks,  the ability to easily tweak layout and design features, etc.).   If you’re a webmaster you’ve got a lot  on your plate, already.  So much of your time is spent developing new content and promoting your site that  you want your theme to be  a powerful, trouble-free marriage of  great form, and,  great function.   And from what we’ve seen, no one delivers great form and function any better than Gabfire Themes.

Where Gabfire Excels

The collection of themes from Gabfire, depending upon your purpose, is arguably one of the best  – and most unique – that you’ll find anywhere.  Bear in mind that the Gabfire doesn’t offer nearly as large a selection as some other well-known theme developers (the current number is eighteen). But take a quick look at the Gabfire theme collection and you’ll likely agree that placing quality above quantity has served Gabfire well;  visually the designs are literally eye-popping, and, they’re loaded with an equal amount of high-end functionality.

Specifically, the themes in their “magazine” category are absolutely extraordinary. As mentioned above, though Gabfire doesn’t offer an extremely large selection of themes their designs are consistently the most polished and superbly crafted that we’ve reviewed  – many are reminiscent of some of the largest sites on the web (eg.,, etc.).   And, if your site is for commercial purposes Gabfire’s themes are optimized for Google AdSense.  Given their slick, highly detailed appearances you might fear that configuration would be difficult. In fact, we  found that the administrative panel installed with each theme made configuring the Gabfire themes easier, and faster, than many other themes we’ve reviewed.  Finally, their  forums are active, and, useful as well.

Gabfire themes, certainly, would likely be a webmaster’s “weapon of choice” for quickly creating a high-end, commercial, “news magazine” style site. They do offer other themes, however, as well. Currently Gabfire markets 18 themes in the following three categories:

  • Magazine Themes
  • Niche Themes (Graduate, Wedding, and Restuarant)
  • Business and Multimedia Themes


Since prices may vary and Gabfire offers frequent specials, we recommend that you visit their site for details regarding pricing and licensing. However, while we feel that Gabfire themes offer extraordinary visual appeal and functionality, their pricing is in line with most other theme retailers (we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised). As note earlier, while Gabfire doesn’t offer dozens and dozens of themes for sale, this is really a case where less is more; the quality of the 18 available themes (as of this writing) is absolutely spectacular.
Click here to visit Gabfire


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