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Okay – it’s 2012….who the heck is still using Server 2003?  Well, I still really like Server 2003 (it runs great on just about any old Pentium 4 computer).   Actually, I suspect that a lot of folks – like me – still use Server 2003, for various reasons. I recently set up Server 2003 on an HP dc7800p and found that getting the drivers installed was a serious pain in the old behind. So here are some tips – and a download with the necessary files – for getting the drivers installed on this unit.

While all lof the drivers are included in the download and they install fine, some need
to be run in XP Compatability mode to execute/install properly. Just follow the tips, below:

  • Chipset executable installs normally….
  • Ethernet, with this download, requires a manual install from the Device Manager
  • Graphics executable must be run in XP Compatability mode
  • Audio executable installs normally (and will be updated via Microsoft updates)
  • LMS_SOL executable must be run in XP Compatability mode
  • Infeon Trusted Platform module executable installs normally…
  • HECI driver – a real headache – but it works (see below)

The HECI driver was a real bugger.
I didn’t think I would ever get this installed and, in fact, I installed all of this about a month ago and gave up on ever getting this driver installed. As always, back then, I was just tinkering so it wasn’t a big deal – I subsequently formatted over the installation. This time, I found a workaround on the web which worked. The deal is this: the HECI driver will not install, even when run in Windows XP compatability mode. However, by editing the HECI.inf file – and running setup.exe in XP compatability mode – it will work.From the web….

To get the HECI driver to install I did the following: unpack the HECI driver files, open the HECI.inf in Notepad, under the Manufacturer and Models Section I removed the one line under [Intel.NTx86.5.2] and replaced it with the content from [Intel.NTx86.5.1]

NOTE: The download has HECI.inf edited and  it’s ready to install

In the .zip file for download, on this page, I have already made the edit described above. The package is a .zip file, in a folder. Just unzip the arhive and run setup.exe in XP compatability mode. Again – while I’ve explained how it worked, you should be able to install with no “fiddling” as I have already performed the edit I’ve described, made a .zip archive of the edited version, etc. You get the idea……

The result….

When finished, the ‘ol Device Manager should look like this (my own dc7800p with Server 2003):


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  1. j says:


    thanks to your installation package, I have been able to setup Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on a
    FSC Esprimo P5925
    maschine without strange items in the hardware manager left.

    thanks a lot!

    best regards


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