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XP Drivers on HP dc7800p  – simplified

If you’ve got an HP dc7800p and decide to “go retro”, by installing Windows XP, HP does offer the drivers for download on their site. However, my experiences was that the HP drivers download page is incredibly confusing and offered many files for download which were not needed. I still don’t know why a lot of those drivers are there – and I wasted a lot of time figuring out which ones really were needed. Since I didn’t want to go the route of sorting through that mess again, I simply documented the drivers which actually worked and put them in a .zip archive.

Installation details

Just download the archive, unzip the files, and they can be installed in any order – with one exception. In the “Audio” folder you’ll find that there are two files (labeled “1_hidef.exe” and “2_hidef.exe) and – logically enough – you need to install one before two. Also, the ethernet driver installs via the Windows Device Manager – in other words, it’s not a setup.exe file. The vast majority of people reading this page know how this is done. However, I may eventually update this page with some instructions. Why is there no setup.exe file? Because I like to keep things as elegant – and small – as possible. The “ethernet driver” which you download from HP is actually not just the driver – it’s a very large package (144 megabyte) and contains networking tools that less one percent of people would actually use. The driver is really only about 700 kilobytes!

During the installation of the drivers, at various points, you may see a box like the following pop up – just press Cancel and finish installing your drivers. It will all work.

Driver Download

(about 57 megabyte)



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  1. G. Derment Jr says:

    I just want to thank you for the 7800dc drivers, ….this is a problem that has been driving me insane,…as I also had tried other machines drivers from the HP site, ..could never get them to work, …this also worked on my xw9300 machine with a PCI problem as well(not the Intel chipset, as it has the dual AMD64 Opterons) ,but as for the others listed , they worked well, …and have added them to my line up of building the 7800’s, …thank you again, …and keep on doing what is outside the box. G

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