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Something of a “traditionalist” (that sounds so much better than “stuck in my ways”, “unwilling to try new things”, etc.) I still use Windows XP – most of the time, anyway. Actually, I like Windows 7. But I’ve got my share of old, Pentium 4 computers and Windows XP (1) runs fast on them, and, (2) does everything I need. Most of the time, I’m either sitting at a Linux box, or, using XP. A problem that has plagued me […]

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 Guy’s EZ Driver Packages XP Drivers on HP dc7800p  – simplified If you’ve got an HP dc7800p and decide to “go retro”, by installing Windows XP, HP does offer the drivers for download on their site. However, my experiences was that the HP drivers download page is incredibly confusing and offered many files for download which were not needed. I still don’t know why a lot of those drivers are there – and I wasted a lot of time figuring […]

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 Guy’s EZ Driver Packages Okay – it’s 2012….who the heck is still using Server 2003?  Well, I still really like Server 2003 (it runs great on just about any old Pentium 4 computer).   Actually, I suspect that a lot of folks – like me – still use Server 2003, for various reasons. I recently set up Server 2003 on an HP dc7800p and found that getting the drivers installed was a serious pain in the old behind. So here […]

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 Guy’s EZ Driver Packages Missing drivers on the HP dc7800p with Windows 7 NOTE: I’ve recently moved this page from another domain and, previously, it had a lot of comments – i will try to migrate comments to this new page… For reasons none of us will ever understand, though HP offers drivers for the dc7800p and Windows 7, there are a few drivers missing from the HP download page. Specifically, the HECI and LMS_SOL devices appear, after installation, with […]

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