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LAMP/WAMP style Server on XP Note: presumably all of this would work on Windows 7, and, Vista. But I’m a goofy old fart who has never seen any compelling reason to upgrade from XP – so I’ve never run the installation which I’m about to describe on anything but XP. I don’t see any reason that it wouldn’t work on the other, aforementioned Windows platforms. Everyone who develops web sites also develops a system for putting together the pieces. In […]

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Installation woes A few nights ago I ran into a couple of strange problems installing Server 2003 on an HP dc7800p. While Windows Server 2003, on an HP dc7800p, is not a supported operating system I don’t believe there was any inherent conflict in terms of the software and hardware – the “unsupported” portion is more an issue of drivers, which I’ve fixed and documented here (if you’re going to do this install, you definitely want to take a look […]

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General Notes Just a few thoughts, to start…. I’ve tried to make this is as simple, and, comprehensive as possible. If you research this on the net here are slight variations for doing all of this,  and presumably most of these variations work just fine.   For instance, some people don’t copy certain files to locations that I recommend, some don’t add a registry entry for PHP, etc. Obviously, you can experiment, use different packages, and tweak things however you wish.   […]

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Installing ISAPI PHP and MySQL on Server 2008 Most commonly, PHP is installed on Windows Server 2008 using the FastCGI method. FastCGI is considered more stable on Server 2008 and, generally, less problematic (if you do a bit of research). On the other hand, I’ve used an ISAPI PHP installation on Server 2008, for a long time, with no serious problems. I chose to use ISAPI PHP simply because it’s the method with which I’m the most familiar, and, because […]

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