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What is Pagination? We’ve all heard the phrase, often spoken as a joke, “Hey, that’s just too much information – I didn’t need to know that!” In the course of our daily lives we often get information that we don’t need, or, that we don’t find useful or interesting. Too much information, or information that is poorly organized, can be confusing and counterproductive. The same sort of thing is true on the internet. Who hasn’t found a lengthy article on […]

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Have your Twitter feeds flown the coup? Unlike Facebook, which tweaks the “machine” once in a blue moon to force adjustments in the sort of code which allows webmasters to display Facebook blocks on pages, Twitter seems to constantly be fiddling with this sort of thing (from what I’ve seen on the web). Logically, as a consequence of all of this WordPress plugins and snippets of code which have been successfully displaying Tweets on your web site can suddenly stop […]

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The 5 Best WordPress Plugins For 2012 Whether your a business, organization, or individual if you’re thinking of developing an online presence (building a web site) you’ll certainly want to consider WordPress as a framework. Why? First, WordPress – which began has a simple blogging platform – has been extended to become a full featured content management system. A WordPress installation, in 2012, amounts to a complete web site (not simply a blog) which the average computer user can easily […]

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Matt Mullenweg jokes about the fact that as a freshman at the University of Houston he wasn’t exactly setting the academic world on fire. As he frankly admits (with a smile), “I was a terrible student“. But it’s fair to say that a lot of people are glad that Mullenweg was far too interested in the internet – and specifically, his blogging – to pay much attention to courses like English 101. Frustrated with the limitations of his blogging software […]

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A Few Caveats Most importantly, the information on this page assumes that your site is running on the Apache web server. The steps we’ll be talking about apply to Apache, only. While the same tweaks can be applied to Microsoft’s IIS Server the steps are completely different – and, in the case of IIS 6, they’re extremely complicated. Anyway, that’s a topic for another post. Also, Apache must have a module called mod_rewrite enabled for all of this to work. […]

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Artisteer is arguably one of the best, and, most versatile pieces of web design software currently available for anyone who wants to customize their own WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, or Drupal web site. You can also use Aristeer to simply create a standard HTML template/web site . Over the last few years Aristeer has virtually exploded in popularity due to the fact that it appeals to people at such wide variety of skill levels. While it’s used, professionally, in web design […]

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Elegant Themes review As WordPress has overtaken a fairly significant portion of the web theme developers have been hard at work creating all kinds of great looking themes to allow publishers to customize their sites. And coupling a great theme with the myriad of available plugins allows WordPress to be extended for use on virtually any type of site – WordPress has become much more than simply a blogging platform. Some themes – just like WordPress, itself – are free, […]

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Recently a friend of mine mentioned that he preferred developing his WordPress sites on a local PC, using a Windows program called “Instant WordPress“. Since I build a lot of WordPress sites I was interested, and, a bit surprised. Despite all the time I’d spent with WordPress, I had to confess that I’d never heard of the thing. For developing new sites of any kind (WordPress, or otherwise) I’ve always installed the WAMP server on Windows, assembled the basics, and […]

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Note: This page assumes that you’ve already performed the installation of WordPress, and, it does not cover the installation process. We’ll be posting a page covering the actual installation process in the near future. WordPress: best practices for getting started If you’re completely new to running a WordPress site there are a few things which, in my opinion, should be done immediately after installation to secure the site. I’ve listed these things, below. I’ve also listed some fairly common problems […]

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Fab Themes for WordPress – the most bang for absolutely no bucks As free WordPress themes go, there isn’t really anything around that compares to the collection offered by Fab Themes. First – just like retail theme developers – Fab Themes offers a great selection of themes; typically developers of free WordPress themes develop one theme (or a few) and call it a day. Given that developing a nice WordPress theme is a fairly tall order, even for an experienced […]

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